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Dear Friend,

It's a fact that gym membership rarely comes cheap ... sadder still, is the fact that just being a member of a gym won't banish a single pound or put on an ounce of muscle. And this is simply tragic ...

… when you make the effort to go to the gym, find the machines intimidating, the workouts as exciting as watching paint dry, and – worst of all – you end up with very little to show for your efforts except aching muscles and a depleted bank account. So imagine this instead...

What if your workouts were suddenly transformed from a chore to a pleasure?

And how would you feel if you gained far greater benefit from your workouts ... increased your confidence in handling the equipment ... and – if you want to lose weight - suddenly found the unwanted pounds quickly melting away ...

... or, if you want to build a fabulous new body, saw your current body quickly transforming before your very eyes?

Sound like a stretch?

Well, these good folks thought so too – until they tried my new program ...

Hi ... my name is Jeremy Allen and I'm a certified personal trainer. And before I gained this important qualification, I enjoyed practical, hands on experience as a professional football player.

It was then I met some amazingly talented trainers and fitness coaches. These guys realized I was keenly interested in fitness training so they opened up, giving me access to some little-known insider secrets.

And that really lit a fire under my ambition to become the best personal trainer in the world—helping others achieve fit, strong, and healthy bodies.

So, on retiring from professional football, I studied hard to became a certified personal trainer and now enjoy great success helping people to get and stay fit, build lean muscle, and lose unwanted body fat.

But don't take my word for all that – read what Pat says ...

Over time, using the priceless insights I had been given, plus my own hands on experience, I slowly perfected my very own world-class workout program, the J Plan – now an international best seller. And then I noticed another problem ...

... because I saw that many good folks were prepared to invest in their fitness with a gym membership – and yet they weren't getting the full benefits they deserved.

And this was due either to being poorly advised about the sort of workouts they should be doing ... or being intimidated by the gym machines or simply finding the whole business a chore – instead of the FUN activity it should be.

So I created my brand new program 'Conquer The Gym'

You'll find this easy to follow multi media program a complete snap to use.

The red-hot core of the program is the digital workout manual, which activates the relevant workout video when you click on the title of that particular workout – thus combining reading about the workout alongside actually seeing it in action. This eliminates any doubt in your mind regarding the correct way to perform the workout routines, empowering you to make lightening fast progress.

Next come the workout videos, provided in both standard and high definition formats ... and conveniently graded into three progressively challenging phases. You can progress as far as you like—and whether you want to shed some weight, build some muscle, or simply gain all round fitness—you'll find the exact workouts you need for rapid results.

But it doesn't end there, because 'You are what you eat'.

So you ALSO get my precise nutritional guidelines to further enhance the value of my carefully designed workouts.

And I'm STILL not finished, because I'm ALSO handing you two ways to keep track of your progress.

First with my unique food log, which works in tandem with my easy to follow nutritional guidelines, will ensure your diet is perfectly balanced.

So you'll be getting all the vitamins and minerals you need – absolutely vital whether you want to drop those surplus pounds, build that muscle, or just increase your overall fitness.

And you also get my unique workout calendar so you can keep exact track on what workouts you've done and when, as well as your workout plans for the upcoming days.

It's just like having your own personal, world class trainer working there alongside you at the gym.

So what would it cost to hire your own personal trainer?

Because it can be so frustrating to get the most out of your gym membership on your own, it's often tempting to consider hiring help at the gym, which can multiply your gym costs alarmingly - with no guarantee of success.

And to hire a personal trainer of my breadth of experience, knowledge, and proven track record of success means an investment of at least $1080 a month.

But with my comprehensive 'Conquer The Gym' program you can get world-class training for just three monthly payments of $29.95.

What's more – compared with hiring a trainer at your local gym, with no guarantee of success – my program is fully guaranteed:

Either it does everything I claim – and more – or I'll refund every last cent of your investment. Does your gym trainer make that promise? I doubt it.

But I have my carefully built up reputation as a world class trainer on the line here.

And yet, you get me – and my cast-iron guarantee - for a tiny fraction of what you would normally need to invest.

So just imagine, that new you – once my secrets are YOUR secrets ...

... striding into the gym, with new-found confidence, and feeling I'm right there beside you: a world class fitness trainer working with you every step of the way.

And, if you need to refresh your memory about a particular workout, I'm as close as your smart phone!

And it just keeps getting better...

Because – if you're ready to go ahead right now – I have these three amazing bonuses for you ...

'The Basic Technique for Fundamental Exercise'
- Value $27,
but yours FREE because you're getting on board TODAY!

This first bonus is a video revealing the secrets of fundamental exercise. Once you have these secrets you'll find that your results will come with the speed of light!

These secrets are so valuable that this video would normally cost you $27 just on its own—but it's yours free, right now, as my thanks for you getting on board today.

'Conquer The Gym Yoga'
- Value $37,
but yours FREE because you're getting on board TODAY!

When it comes to creating a holistic state of wellness, Yoga is such a powerful discipline, that I've included it as one of my star bonuses.

This video would normally cost you $37 just on its own, but it's yours free today as thanks for being a valuable client.

'Ten Fitness Tricks'
- Value $27,
but yours FREE because you're getting on board TODAY!

I figure fast action should be rewarded with fast results. So – because you're coming on board today – I'm handing you this groundbreaking PDF, containing no less that ten powerful (and little know) lightening fast routes to peak fitness.

Normally, this insider guide would require an investment of $27, but it's yours free today with my compliments as reward for taking fast action.

So what would be a good choice for you right now?

Ignore this offer – and those amazing bonuses (worth nearly 100 bucks on their own) – and carry on as before, being in awe of your fellow gym members who seem to instinctively know how to make their workouts pay off.

OR ...

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What's more, you either enjoy total success following my advice or you get your money back.

Sounds to me like your choice is a complete no brainer. So, I'm really looking forward to welcoming you on the inside and sharing all my secrets with you.

Grab this amazing offer with both hands. Then you'll really feel epic when you next visit the gym, because you'll enjoy that extra confidence that comes from knowing YOUR personal trainer is a world-class fitness expert and nutritional professional.


Jeremy Allen, NSCA, AFTA, SPARQ

P.S. Remember, with my cast iron 60 day guarantee, the only way you can possibly lose on this is to pass.

P.P.S. And, because you're jumping on board TODAY, you'll enjoy those three valuable fast action bonuses worth a total of $91.